EMPTY SETTは、どこかの誰かに使われていた古服や古布、様々な短長な年月と共に現代において新しい洋服として生産される循環を表すかのような矛盾やそれらの紐解きをコンセプトとしたプロジェクトである。


  第二章となる「Oxymora / オキシモラ」では、孤独を好みながら友好や新友の築きが着々と生じていく第一章の物語の引継と撞着語法をテーマとしたコレクションをアクセサリーの発表と言葉が持つ要素を抽出し、洋服として表面化させるMUZEとのアパレルの製作を発表。

  異なる色彩を持つクリエイティビティたちが、相対する2つの意味からなる言葉を表す撞着(ドウチャク)語法「Oxymora / オキシモラ」をテーマに洋服を製作。

  今コレクションは、シーズンを設けず、エピソードとしてコレクションを発表するEMPTY SETTによる第2章の発表となります。

 EMPTY SETT is a project based on the concept of unraveling old clothes and fabrics that have been used by someone somewhere, and the contradictions that seem to represent the cycle of their production as new clothes in the modern age, along with the various short and long periods of time.

 The project forms a record of the past owner's culture and memories like a story, and develops accessory items using vintage fabrics.


 In the first collection, "accessories that are attached to you as if they have been with you all your life," the padlocked trinkets were presented along with the remembered stories of the traveler Peter's social, yet lonely, life.
For the second collection, "Oxymora," the brand presents a collection of accessories based on the theme of collusive speech and the continuation of the story of the first collection, where friendship and new friends are steadily being formed despite a preference for solitude.


 Creatives with different colors create clothing based on the theme of "Oxymora," a collision of two words with opposite meanings.
Oxymora is a word that combines two words with opposite or incompatible meanings to create an expressive effect.

 This collection is the second chapter of EMPTY SETT, which presents its collections in episodes rather than seasons.